Regular Coppice CurlyShade - Pendant Light


About: This is one of my latest designs and is a pleasure to make. We used Ash 're-growth' coppice that proliferates in the woodlands surrounding my workshop. We steam-bend the coils to make the most eco-friendly and dynamic CurlyShade yet. The carbon foot print of this shade is incredibly low and the 'product mile' before it leaves the workshop is only about 50 metres.

The name? The actual design is almost exactly the same as the original Sixixis CurlyShade I designed in 2006, only made using round coppice instead of mini-planks of steam-bent wood.

Materials: Coppice Ash regrowth

Size: 450 mm x 400mm x 400mm

Price: £245 incl VAT

Edition: 50

Lead Time: 1 week

Price incl VAT: £245.00